Waterproofing Acrylic Waterproofing Acrylic Waterproofing Sealer is a cost effective, durable water resistant compound, which is used in conjunction with re-inforcing membrane (stichbond). Designed to waterproof ridge capping, parapets, flashings, roof screws and lap joints on metal roof sheeting Application. Apply by brush one liberal coat of acrylic waterproofing sealer and firmly press the stichbond into the wet waterproofing allowing 50mm on adjacent stichbond.  Whilst wet immediately apply a second coat of acrylic waterproofing sealer to ensure that the stichbond is completely saturated.  Finish with 2 coats of waterproofing sealer and at least one coat of roof paint with ROOF PAINT (ultra violet resistant)  This application carries a 7 year guarantee Fibre Seal Fibre seal is a highly durable heavy bodied fibre reinforced water based acrylic waterproofing liquid/sealer . Fibre seal can also be used to seal or waterproof and strengthen porous surfaces e.g. fibre cement roof sheets, concrete roofs and parapet walls etc. Application. Prime areas to be sealed or waterproofed with Acrylic sealer and allow to dry o Apply 2 coats of Fibre Seal with a roller or block brush

Thermo Flex System (torch on)

Thermo flex consists of a 180 gram bonded (double reinforced) needle punched polyester geo fabric, manufactured in an ISO 9000 certificate plant.
Specifically developed for harsh African conditions THERMOFLEX offers the following:
Vastly improved elasticity capable of accommodating thermal movement of roofs.
Improved flexibility at low temperatures.
Improved strength, allowing a single ply application.
Improved resistance at application temperatures, to permanent deformation, puncture and tear, giving good “walk on” properties during application
Greater capacity to bridge movements of cracks and joints in the substrate and better fatigue resistance


o    Apply a thin uniform coating of THERMOFLEX PRIMER by means of paint roller to entire area including the parapets.

o    Allow drying period for 3 hours

o    Lay up the entire roof area with 3mm or 4mm torch – on depending on application, allowing 75mm overlap on side joint 100mm on end joints and at least 200mm for turn- ups at the parapets

o    Joints can now be torched together and all edges sealed with heated trowel

o    Apply 2 coats of THERMOFLEX REFLECT paint

o    This application carries a 10 year guarantee